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About Us

The Academy seeks to imbibe financial knowledge and power in people of all ages right from the formative years of kids (just before they join the spend thrift society that we have today) to young adults (who are faced with the challenges of the spend thrift society) and adults who themselves are already embroiled in one financial challenge or the other.

While providing this knowledge, the Academy will be encouraging and supporting the development of innovative ideas towards the attainment of financial freedom. The surest way to financial freedom that is known to man is to provide an innovation that improves the lives of people. People will pay for this innovation and will keep paying all through their lifetime. This is the story of Microsoft and the Telephone innovation till date.

Financial knowledge and Power is everything that has to do with adequate management of resources (money is a major one) and the knowledge of multiplying resources (making money work for you).

The Academy seeks to lay a good foundation in this regard.