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Get inspired

Get Inspired:

While Innovative thinking might be in-born and come naturally for some people, many others would need a nudging and some guidance to find out how they can provide innovative solutions to the problems around them.

Whichever way it is for you, the important outcome is INNOVATION.

Here, we present you stories and videos of wonderful innovations in history. This is intended to spur and encourage the innovation in you.

Watch these videos for a start:

10 inventions made by kids

15 year old kelvin doe wows M.I.T

Top 10 inventions of all Time

Top 10 inventions thought up by kids


Read these stories:

The making of the aeroplane

The telephone invention



You may have noted an important point – Innovation can simply be a case of leveraging and scaling. Learn more in the ‘Learn Innovation’ module.

Keep checking back for more inspiration.